The rules of The Cow Game are as follows:

Rule 1) The winner of The Cow Game is the first person to spot a cow (or herd of cows) and yell out “I Win The Cow Game!”.

Rule 2) The Cow Game cannot be won if anything other than I Win The Cow Game!is yelled out. Eg: You can’t win by yelling “I saw a cow!” or “There’s a cow!“.

Rule 3) The Cow Game may only be won once per day.

Rule 4) The Cow Game may only be won by spotting a real, live cow/herd. Images, photos, billboards, stickers, toys or any other likeness of a cow may not be used to win The Cow Game.

Rule 5) If a player incorrectly spots a cow/herd and yells out “I Win The Cow Game!”, then that player is excluded from playing The Cow Game for the rest of that day. In this instance, The Cow Game has not ended and may be continued by the remaining players.

Rule 6) The Cow Game is taught to new players by having them lose The Cow Game  initially – New players must not be told of The Cow Game, or its rules, prior to their first loss. (See Controversy section here).

Rule 7) The winner of The Cow Game for that day, tops the wins from any other game played that day.

Rule 8) A draw occurs when more than one person simultaneous calls out “I Win The Cow Game”. When a draw occurs, The Cow Game has ended for that day.

Rule 9) The Cow Game may only be played in the physical presence of other players. The Cow Game cannot be won via electronic means, or remotely to other players. Eg: text, phone, email, messenger, photos, streaming, broadcast, website, etc.

Rule 10) The Cow Game may be played anywhere or at any time of the day.

Rule 11) The Cow Game may only be won, as long as the majority of players can see the spotted cow/herd.

Optional Rule 1) Prior to a win, existing players of The Cow Game may alert each other that The Cow Game is currently being played. This can lead to a more competitive game!